Monday, June 28, 2010

New fabric (wallets).

I just wanted to post the two wallets that I made over the weekend. I've had both of these fabrics for a while, but this is the first time I've used them. I'm supposed to be doing homework right now.
But I'm actually wasting time until 7:00, because that's when the new Harry Potter movie trailer is being released on Mugglenet. Note: If you watch the trailer, beware of the comments at the bottom of the page. Some of them contain very offensive language.

I had a perfect lighter green that I should have used instead of the duller green. Too late now.

Sorry for the weird angle of this picture. I forgot to flip it...

Until next time,


  1. Hey Kristin! You might of told this to me before but, do you have a place whet you sell all the stuff you make. (please leave me a comment (: )

  2. Oh these wallets are so cute! I especially like the second green and pink one. Nice job! :)


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