Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stitches and seams...

Thanks so much everyone for the sweet comments on my last post! It made my day to get on and see all those comments. =)

Now, I'll warn you that this is going to be a huge crafty/sewing post. I have been sewing like a lunatic today and yesterday. So if you're not interested in that kind of thing, I apologize that your eyes may glaze over before the end. =)

This is the first clutch I've ever made. It was inspired from Etsy, but I came up with my own pattern (first time ever!). I love clutches-they remind me of the 1920's and 30's. For this one, I used a magnetic snap, but it turned out a little bulky.

For this one, I used two small regular snaps. It works better to hold the flap down, but I didn't get them on completely even, and the flap stills sticks up a little, which drives me crazy.

A cute iPod/phone case. I found this sturdy fabric at Walmart about a year ago, and it was so cheap that I got yards and yards of it. I want to make a tote bag out of it, too.

These are some bibs that I made for a friend of ours who recently became a grandma. I already made these three, so this finished them up. This one is my favorite:

Yes, the baby girl's name starts with a K. =) But it's not Kristin.

This one was specially requested by the GiGi (grandma).

The back all of the bibs have this fabric:

I love this little iPod/phone case. It's a strawberry poptart!

See the sprinkles?

And the inside...

Here's a new wallet. I got this pretty fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby months ago, so I sadly don't have much of it.

And I was so proud of the zipper. =) It is the best, straightest one I've ever put in, and I was so happy with it (it's pink, by the way, not white).

I am completely smitten with this little iPod/phone case. And if I hadn't just recently made myself one, I would so be keeping this one. I took a ton of pictures of it, anyway, so I can always make another one like it if I want to.

It's dark denim, with red gingham inside, and little mushrooms/toadstools and grass embroidered on the front.

The lighting is not good in this one, but it's the same fabrics, except a large wallet with a heart appliqued on the front.

Wow, are you still here? =) Thanks for checking out my stuff.

Until next time,


  1. Oh, I love them!
    I especially like all your fabric!
    Where did you find the pattern for the wallets or did you make them up? I would love to make one, although they look really hard! I've sewn dresses, quilts, skirts, and totes but never little things like that!
    They look so fun!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    God Bless and have a great evening!
    Emily of Jones Creek

  2. Everything you made is sooooooo adorable!! Do you have an online stew or anything she you sell the stuff you make??

  3. Everything is so adorable! Your an amazing sewer!

  4. You are soooo rediculously creative and talented. Because it takes both to do the things you do! God has blessed you!

    Pretty please come over to this post:
    and nominate the people you'd like to win an award! Please read the rules and then nominate! A great way to end the summer!

    With Love and Bleassings,
    Bleah Briann

  5. i love your blog!!!! i loved this post its soooo cute!!! =) =)

    btw im' MozartGURL from Susiemag. =))

  6. haha in my last comment I meant to say do you have and online "store" instead of "stew?"


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