Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random news and new creations...

Today is a very important day.

Tonight is the Lost series finale. But you already knew that, didn't you? =)

Four and a half hours of craziness. And then it'll all be over. I hope there will be a good, satisfying conclusion. I know there will be tears. My dad says it's all a big joke and that the producers/writers will come on and say that they have no idea where things are going. I refuse to believe that. At this point, however, I am rooting for anyone who is still breathing (although on Lost, breathing=alive is a debatable thing), since most of my favorite characters have died *coughCharlie, Sun, etc.cough*. I do love Hurley.

Last night, we went to a MercyMe concert. I'm not a big fan of them, because I prefer more rock-sounding Christian music. The concert was very good, though. Despite the fact that we had lawn seats (but no lawn chairs, which means standing for hours) and it poured down rain for quite a while. I had a one inch layer of frizz sticking out all over my head and my beloved black flats will never be the same.

Everyone say a little prayer for me tomorrow. I'm starting my "first job," even though it doesn't really seem like a real job. I'm going to be doing work study at the community college child care center about three days a week, all day. I will be basically be doing what I did in internship during the fall, but things have changed a little. There are a lot of new babies and routines that I don't know about. Still, this is pretty much the best first job I could ask for. I got to set my own schedule, I know the teachers, I know the classroom environments, and I know many of the children there. I'm excited but also nervous. Plus, my first online class starts tomorrow (College Composition II), and I already have homework.

Because of my new job and classes, I probably won't be blogging as much. It'll probably be two-three times a week (which is sometimes all I do now), and it will most likely be in the middle of the week and weekends. But I have a feeling I will find ways to be here more often than I planned to. =)

I bought Michael Buble's CD "Crazy Love" yesterday. I like it a lot, some songs more than others. I love his voice and have a slight crush on him.

I was trying to get in my last hurrah of sewing a few days ago, since it may be a while before I have time to do any. I came up with this clutch pattern, based on two different vintage designs.

The lining fabric was new(ish), but the outer fabric was from the bottom of a pair of khakis my cousin cut off and gave me. The buttons came from the tin of buttons my grandma gave me.

I made this iPod/cell phone case:

This is a bigger version of these clutches. The shape is still a little strange, so it may need some more work.

And this is mine. All mine. Remember my favorite little mushroom case? I decided to make myself a clutch just like it, since I already have one of those cases. It's perfect, except that the snap is a little off centered. I love it and carried it yesterday.

Until next time,


  1. Your sewing creations always turn out great! I really love the first clutch!


  2. you are WAY too talented missy! haha, just kidding. You are very talented though! i wish i could buy them all from you :)

  3. You are so dang crafty. Love the clutch. Congrats on your job!!! You'll do great! Happy summer!


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