Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Operation Beautiful.

I came across something today that totally made my day. And tempted me to spend well over an hour on one website when I should have been studying for exams (ugh- tomorrow's my last day! Two exams-one open book- and then I'm finished with this semester!). It is called Operation Beautiful. It was started by one woman who decided to put Post-it notes with encouraging messages on them in random places, such as on the mirrors in public restrooms. Messages like, "Smile! You're beautiful!" or "You're looking lovely today" or "You're beautiful and loved!". And now it's grown into this sort of underground movement.

Check out the awesome website here and read some of the amazing messages people are leaving in random places all over the world!

I was having one of those blah days...earlier, I stood in front of the mirror and was feeling pretty down about myself and the excessive amounts of chocolate/sweets I've been eating lately and the zit on my face. See, I go through these "healthy kicks" where I eat right and sometimes even exercise *gasp*. Then I crash and go through these "unhealthy kicks" where I devour obscene amounts of chocolate. I'm in one of those stages right now, and I was not feeling too great about myself. Then I came across that website, quite by accident, and it made my day. And inspired me (not to pig out more, but to try to be healthier). I'm thinking that I want to start leaving some of the anonymous notes on mirrors or in diet books or other random places. I don't know about ya'll, but I think the ladies in my town and school could use a little bit of encouragement. I'm just a little scared...scared that someone might walk in when I was sticking up the note and think I'm a fruitcake. Not to mention, I have a debilitating fear of public restrooms, so I don't exactly use them a lot. Still, I might have a go at this. And if I do, I'll even try to get a picture to show you guys. And why don't ya'll try, too? It could be fun. =) Plus, you could put the Operation Beautiful link on there to help spread the word. And maybe even a Bible reference (something like Psalm 139: 13-16)...who knows what sort of impact it could have on someone?

Until next time,


  1. Thats an awesome idea...mind if I post about you on my blog?

    With love and bLessings,
    P.S. if its not tooo much trouble please reply on my blog...also:
    That is so cool that you like SF too! LOL :) We're so awesome.

  2. You're right, who knows?! I think I am going to try this! Oh, thank you :)

  3. That is cool, I think some day I might try it aswell ;D
    P.S. it would make my day if I found something lke that in a bathroom!

  4. I LOVE Operation Beautiful! I first heard of it from SuperChick who also does it! How neat!
    I stick them in like changing rooms where people try on clothes...cause thats where I tend to feel worse about myself, so other girls may as well.

  5. You're too funny! I know what you mean about healthy & not-so-healthy kicks - that's me, too! You know, when I was in college, I would stick up Bible verses & such on the bulletin boards, & I would always try to be quick & when no one was around (sad really - I don't wanted to be ashamed). Sometimes I would pretend to read the ads fellow students put up until the coast was clear. One time, I did leave a thank you card in the restroom with a label "for the janitors" - yep, I'm as crazy as it gets! =) Thanks for this post, I need to do more of this kinda thing. It's sorta like being a secret agent of kindness, joy, & God's love. Just call me agent 007!
    Blessings & Christian Love,


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