Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I might be the tiniest bit obsessed. While shopping at Hobby Lobby today, I found this jar (the bigger one), and it was only like $2. I couldn't resist. I already had the tiny one as a favor from a wedding. The book is for size reference.

Mom has these flowers in the yard, but some of them were spreading outside of the flower bed. She was just going to get rid of them, and I like them, so I rescued two to plant in here. They are a little too tall for this container, but oh, well.

I have decided it would be wise to not make any more terrariums until after I make sure these are going to live. But the good news is that my sunflowers are still alive and growing! I promise that I will be posting {more} about sewing and {less} about flowers and terrariums for the rest of the week. =)

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