Sunday, May 30, 2010


I love to journal.

I have been keeping one regularly since I was about 12 years old, and it has helped me so much. Sometimes it is so embarrassing to look back at what I wrote when I was thirteen or fourteen years old. But sometimes it's fun. =) I love to see how much I've grown and changed (or not, unfortunately, in some cases). Writing helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings, and it helps me stay focused. Here are some reasons why I love journaling:

1. It lets me be creative. I can do whatever I want to on the pages...write, draw, collage, etc.
2. It helps me remember things, feelings, and experiences that I might otherwise forget.
3. It's a place where I can be completely honest, which is sometimes a difficult and scary thing. While I don't actually write my journal to God, that's pretty much how it works. I write in my journal with the honesty that I talk to God with.
4. It's fun and relaxing. I love to write out what I'm feeling or thinking or include Bible verses, song lyrics, poems, book excepts, quotes, pictures, etc.
5. It's something worthwhile to leave behind. Seriously, I would have loved to have some writings from my parents or grandparents left to me. That means so much more than other things. I hope at least one of my children or grandchildren will enjoy looking through my journals and have a love for inky words and the smell of old books as I do. =)

This is a page from Friday night. We had a terrible thunderstorm, and the power was out. So I had to write by candlelight, which was actually a pretty cool experience. =) As part of my entry, I wrote out Psalm 29, which in my Bible is called "God In The Thunderstorm."

Here is a quote from the "A Holy Experience" link below that I love:
"So we carry about pen and paper and collect bits of our lives, clippings and cuttings, rubbings and wrappings, and lay it down between leaves, a pressing out of our lives...Fear would silence us, leaving the descendants with old plates and tarnished jewelry, but no words, no hand-scrawled, inky words...We would let the Truth set us free. We choose the pen."

An excerpt from "The Magician's Elephant." I used to hate the idea of using a journal without lines in it. But now that's what I want. For my next journal, I want something with sturdy paper than can hold up to anything, and minus the lines so I can be more creative. =) This is the journal I currently use. It was the first thing I bought a year ago with some money I got for graduation. It's beautiful, leather and handmade in Italy, but I'm ready for something new. I still have a ways to go before I need a new one, though. This is the gorgeous handmade one I really want from Etsy.

Here are some websites I love for journaling inspiration for you guys:

That was the hazy, damp sunrise after the loud, frightening storm.

Until next time,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A quick perfect moment...

Shh...I am not supposed to be here.
I'm supposed to be doing homework.

But it's sort of hard to write an essay on "What Is Plagiarism?" when there's a cloudy, hazy, peach-colored sunset peeking through the crack in my curtains. I keep getting up and looking at it. My camera does not do it justice.

While I'm here, I might as well say that work study at the day care is going good. Though incredibly exhausting. It's sort of like a big jumble of baby giggles, wiping noses, washing hands, changing diapers, and putting toys back on shelves 1,000 times.

I should also comment on the Lost finale. I liked it, but I wasn't thrilled. I cried. It was sweet and emotional. Still, something in me was slightly disappointed. All questions were not answered (but I guess that's what Lost is all about). I was not fond of the murky spirituality concerning the sort of purgatory flash-sideways and the afterlife that was neither heaven nor hell.

Until next time,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random news and new creations...

Today is a very important day.

Tonight is the Lost series finale. But you already knew that, didn't you? =)

Four and a half hours of craziness. And then it'll all be over. I hope there will be a good, satisfying conclusion. I know there will be tears. My dad says it's all a big joke and that the producers/writers will come on and say that they have no idea where things are going. I refuse to believe that. At this point, however, I am rooting for anyone who is still breathing (although on Lost, breathing=alive is a debatable thing), since most of my favorite characters have died *coughCharlie, Sun, etc.cough*. I do love Hurley.

Last night, we went to a MercyMe concert. I'm not a big fan of them, because I prefer more rock-sounding Christian music. The concert was very good, though. Despite the fact that we had lawn seats (but no lawn chairs, which means standing for hours) and it poured down rain for quite a while. I had a one inch layer of frizz sticking out all over my head and my beloved black flats will never be the same.

Everyone say a little prayer for me tomorrow. I'm starting my "first job," even though it doesn't really seem like a real job. I'm going to be doing work study at the community college child care center about three days a week, all day. I will be basically be doing what I did in internship during the fall, but things have changed a little. There are a lot of new babies and routines that I don't know about. Still, this is pretty much the best first job I could ask for. I got to set my own schedule, I know the teachers, I know the classroom environments, and I know many of the children there. I'm excited but also nervous. Plus, my first online class starts tomorrow (College Composition II), and I already have homework.

Because of my new job and classes, I probably won't be blogging as much. It'll probably be two-three times a week (which is sometimes all I do now), and it will most likely be in the middle of the week and weekends. But I have a feeling I will find ways to be here more often than I planned to. =)

I bought Michael Buble's CD "Crazy Love" yesterday. I like it a lot, some songs more than others. I love his voice and have a slight crush on him.

I was trying to get in my last hurrah of sewing a few days ago, since it may be a while before I have time to do any. I came up with this clutch pattern, based on two different vintage designs.

The lining fabric was new(ish), but the outer fabric was from the bottom of a pair of khakis my cousin cut off and gave me. The buttons came from the tin of buttons my grandma gave me.

I made this iPod/cell phone case:

This is a bigger version of these clutches. The shape is still a little strange, so it may need some more work.

And this is mine. All mine. Remember my favorite little mushroom case? I decided to make myself a clutch just like it, since I already have one of those cases. It's perfect, except that the snap is a little off centered. I love it and carried it yesterday.

Until next time,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two awards...

I got online today to find that I had been awarded two adorable blog awards. =)
Thanks so much to Emily for the Gorgeous Blogger Award! You've got to check out her lovely new blog.

The Rules:
1. Thank the giver.
2. List ten random things about yourself.
3. List five things that you don't like.
4. Pass the award along (to 10 people or less).

Ten things about myself:
1. I don't watch much current TV. I really only watch "Survivor," "Dancing With the Stars" (Go Evan and Anna!), and "Lost," and ironically, they're all finishing up their seasons at the same time (and "Lost" will be gone forever!). I watch mostly DVD's, because I have a lot of old TV shows on DVD. I'll watch some other TV occasionally, like "19 Kids and Counting," because I have a strange fascination with the Duggar family.

2. I love mixed berry smoothies.

3. I obsessively collect books and DVD's (especially classic movies).

4. The first time I saw a movie in Technicolor, I thought it was the brightest, tackiest thing I had ever seen. It has grown on me tremendously.

5. I cannot grow anything to save my life. The sunflowers shriveled up and died. The terrarium, miraculously, still lives.

6. I love the smell of coffee, but I don't drink it.

7. I try to be careful about what I expose myself to: movies, music, etc. That's why I love old movies: they're (in general) so much cleaner than modern movies. I think the MPAA ratings scale is completely skewed and ridiculous. The only PG-13 movies I watch are LOTR, POTC, Harry Potter, etc., when the rating is reasonable and mostly for "violence." I'm disgusted with the corrupt language and content in movies now (especially "comedies"), and if I'm uncomfortable watching a movie at 19, there is no way a 13 year old should be watching it. Okay, enough ranting for now. =)

8. I keep a journal. I have regularly kept one for about seven years now.

9. I once went snorkeling in the Florida Keys, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I love the Keys. Just look:

10. I love Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the "Peanuts" comic strip.

I dislike:
1. Cigarettes. I've never smoked, but the smell makes me want to puke. They're disgusting.
2. Tanning beds. Come on, girls, if you really cannot handle being "pale," there are alternatives that don't involve roasting your skin or a high risk of skin cancer (not to mention leathery looking skin) later on.
3. Baggy pants on guys. Seriously. I don't know who told them it looks good, but I don't know any girls who find it attractive. It looks sloppy. It also makes it a lot harder to run, so what if they were in a situation where running was necessary (like if a grizzly bear or smoke monster was after them)? Also, flip-flops on guys creep me out a little.
4. Mosquitos. Ew.
5. When people say "up there," and they're referring to some place south of them, or when people say "down there," and they're referring to some place north of them. I instinctively correct them. I just can't help it.

I want to give this award to:
Bleah Briann

And thanks to Emily of Jones Creek for the Blue Award!

The Rules:
1. Answer the 10 questions your tagger made up.
2. Create 10 questions of your own.
3. Tag some people!

Emily's Questions:

1. Take pictures or have pictures taken of you?
Definitely take pictures. I really dislike having pictures taken of me.

2. What are a few of your favorite things? (and yes, I'm still thinking of The Sound of Music!) Books, classic movies, chocolate, VW Beetles, laughs, and oldies music.

3. Read or write? Read!

4. Pepsi or Coke? Neither. =)

5. Jeans or sweatpants? Jeans.

6. On a rainy day would you be inside reading a book or outside dancing in the rain? It depends. Usually reading a book. If I've recently watched "Singin' in the Rain," however, the latter. Incidentally, I just watched that movie last night. =)

7. Chocolate or candy? Chocolate is my best friend.

8. What is your ideal house? It's in the country. There is a long dirt/gravel driveway lined with trees leading up to it. It's an older, two-story farmhouse with a huge wraparound porch (with a swing). There are orchard trees and old buildings around it. There are a few huge trees in the front yard, and one of them has a tire swing hanging from it. Inside, it's full of old stuff I love. The kitchen is yellow. There is a library. Some of the rooms have those decorative tin ceilings. And it's about the most perfect house you could imagine. =)

9. Are you a night owl or a morning song bird? I don't particularly like to get up early, but I usually do. And I hate to stay up late. So I would say a morning person.

10. Describe yourself in three words! Quirky. Vintage. Whimsical.

My Questions:
1. What's your favorite candy bar? (Yes, I'm hungry and I watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" the other night.)
2. What's your favorite classic movie, if you watch them?
3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
4. What's your favorite decade of music? (examples: 1940's, 1970's, present)
5. In what ways are you creative?
6. Do you play an instrument? If so, which one(s)?
7. Have you ever been to Disney World?
8. Have you ever read any of Jane Austen's novels? Which is your favorite?
9. What's your favorite comic strip?
10. If you went to a four year college and were able to choose, would you rather live in a dorm on campus or at home (if you lived close to the college)?

I award anyone who has ever left a comment on my blog! =)

Until next time,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Survivor, sewing, and a little princess...

Okay, the first thing I want to do in today's post is confess a couple of things. I watch "Survivor." I have been a fan from the first season (and edit: apparently I already confessed this a few months ago). Last night was the finale, and Sandra won. I did not want Parvati to win, but I was okay with Sandra winning. But honestly...I sort of wished Russell had won. I know. He was mean, lying, arrogant, obnoxious, paranoid, and a hundred other things. But he seriously plays the game. Come on, this dude is the king of hidden immunity idols. His social game is sorely lacking, which cost him. But still, as villainous as he is, I think he's one of the best players. And he always looks so hurt and disappointed when he loses...sort of like a sad puppy dog (mixed with an angry rhinoceros). How someone can disgust you one moment and make you feel pity for him the next, I have no idea.

The next order of business is a little sewing talk. I wanted to answer a couple of questions that were left in the comments of my last post, the one that nearly caused a crafty overdose. Someone asked if I had an online store to sell my stuff. The answer is, currently, no. I mostly sell my items to friends, family, and in the community. I have seriously considered making an Etsy store, and it still might happen, but not until after I finish school next spring. But if I do create an Etsy store, you guys will be the first to know! =)

Also, someone asked about how I made my wallets. For the most part, I follow this lovely tutorial, which I highly recommend. I did make a few changes, though. I curve the corners of the snap tap. For the credit card slots, instead of just folding over the edge of the fabric and topstitching (in step 12), I actually double that fabric, so it's a finished look on both sides, and then topstitch. Not sure if that makes any sense. I also use a layer of thin craft interfacing on one of the main body pieces and a layer of batting on the other, because this makes the wallet sturdy and soft. I also interface the snap tab, the largest credit card slot, and one of the pieces of the zipper pocket. But other than that, I follow pretty much along with the tutorial. Everyone always says something about how it must be hard to such small, detailed things like the wallets. Honestly, once you get used to it and make a couple of them, it's not hard at all. Just a lot of detailed work, like basting and topstitching, that takes patience. But they're really fun and really addicting to make! =) I've probably made close to 25 or 30 of them since I first came across the tutorial about a year ago. If any of my sewing readers make one, I'd love to see pictures!

My iPod/phone cases are my new favorite, easy things to make. I'm considering posting a tutorial for them (or maybe for one of my clutches) if anyone's interested.

I've been planning on posting about "A Little Princess" for nearly a week now. I just read the classic book for the first time, and it was so lovely. Sweet and sad and inspiring. I loved to read about Sara Crewe, a wealthy and privileged child who is so selfless and endearing. She's just the sort of little girl that you would want to know. I'm reading "The Secret Garden" now, and I think it's interesting that Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote about two little girls who were in similar situations growing up but who turned out so differently. I loved this book and even though it's considered a children's story, I think it is just as much for adults. I love the way she uses words and creates the story and characters.

I have had a VHS copy of "A Little Princess" for years and years, and I remember watching it when I was little. It's the 1939 version with Shirley Temple. So as soon as I finished reading the book, I watched the movie. It's such a sweet movie, and Shirley Temple is a doll. But isn't she in everything? I love how she's like a little adult with the dignified way she speaks, and she's just adorable. Still, she didn't seem like Sara Crewe to me, especially after just reading the book. I didn't like the fact that- spoiler coming up- in the movie, her father didn't die. Not to mention, the whole story plot with her father's friend right next door and the big family was missing. The fact that her father dies in the book is terribly sad, but everything works out and I think it had a lovely ending, so I don't see why they had to change things in the movie. Oh, well, that's the way it goes with so many movies and books. Don't get me wrong- I love the Shirley Temple movie version. It's just that I loved the book better. =)

Shirley Temple has got to be one of the cutest little girls ever.

Until next time,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stitches and seams...

Thanks so much everyone for the sweet comments on my last post! It made my day to get on and see all those comments. =)

Now, I'll warn you that this is going to be a huge crafty/sewing post. I have been sewing like a lunatic today and yesterday. So if you're not interested in that kind of thing, I apologize that your eyes may glaze over before the end. =)

This is the first clutch I've ever made. It was inspired from Etsy, but I came up with my own pattern (first time ever!). I love clutches-they remind me of the 1920's and 30's. For this one, I used a magnetic snap, but it turned out a little bulky.

For this one, I used two small regular snaps. It works better to hold the flap down, but I didn't get them on completely even, and the flap stills sticks up a little, which drives me crazy.

A cute iPod/phone case. I found this sturdy fabric at Walmart about a year ago, and it was so cheap that I got yards and yards of it. I want to make a tote bag out of it, too.

These are some bibs that I made for a friend of ours who recently became a grandma. I already made these three, so this finished them up. This one is my favorite:

Yes, the baby girl's name starts with a K. =) But it's not Kristin.

This one was specially requested by the GiGi (grandma).

The back all of the bibs have this fabric:

I love this little iPod/phone case. It's a strawberry poptart!

See the sprinkles?

And the inside...

Here's a new wallet. I got this pretty fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby months ago, so I sadly don't have much of it.

And I was so proud of the zipper. =) It is the best, straightest one I've ever put in, and I was so happy with it (it's pink, by the way, not white).

I am completely smitten with this little iPod/phone case. And if I hadn't just recently made myself one, I would so be keeping this one. I took a ton of pictures of it, anyway, so I can always make another one like it if I want to.

It's dark denim, with red gingham inside, and little mushrooms/toadstools and grass embroidered on the front.

The lighting is not good in this one, but it's the same fabrics, except a large wallet with a heart appliqued on the front.

Wow, are you still here? =) Thanks for checking out my stuff.

Until next time,