Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Hollywood and the opera...

Hello again, dear blog readers. =) This past week has been quite hectic, but now I can take a breath and relax for a while.

A Night at the Opera (almost)

Last night, my family and I went to hear our town's (well, it's not really "our town." We live out in the county, so this is the nearest town/city) symphony orchestra play. It started out as just me and Mom going for a school assignment. I had to attend a fine arts event and write a paper about how it could involve children. Then Dad decided to go, so we dragged along my brother and his girlfriend as well. We had pizza with my grandparents and then headed to the high school auditorium. Let me just say that there were several hundred people there, and myself, my brother, and his girlfriend were some of the very, very few people who were under the age of 25. I thought it was hilarious. My brother was clearly embarrassed. The crowd was a sea of little old lady perms and grey-haired gentlemen. Apparently, this is a big deal to them (the orchestra only plays 5 or 6 times a year, but it's a free event). I saw many ladies wearing fur coats. It just amazes me that women still wear fur coats. I love it, it's so 1940's/50's. =) A man sitting in front of us was wearing a tux. One little lady had a pair of binoculars-I felt like we were at an opera. My whole family was in jeans.

Anyway, I enjoyed it very much. They played about 7 songs, most of which were overtures from famous operas and stuff like that (there was something by Mozart and then something by Beethoven, I think). The musical talent of other people amazes me, because even though I try, I don't have it. I've been playing the piano for 11-12 years (taking lessons all of those years), and I adore it, but I don't have any natural talent, and that kills me. And you can only get so far with what can be learned. There was a beautiful violin solo. My brother endured the first half (although I think he did a little dozing), but then after intermission had to resort to his iPod. Poor boy.

Being the old movie fan I am, I have sort of an obsession with old Hollywood. The "old Hollywood" I imagine probably never existed, but I like to think it did. Because once upon a time, people were actors and actresses because they were talented. That may come as a shock. They didn't become big stars simply because they were rich, scandalous, or pretty (maybe I am referring to a certain heiress). They didn't have to use vulgar jokes or crude humor to get laughs. Hitchcock could create creepy, suspenseful, "horror" flicks without including bloody gore or violence. And guess what? It is possible for a movie to be made that isn't animated and that doesn't include any profanity. Seriously, people get so conditioned to modern movies that they have no idea what they're missing out on with the oldies...anyway, I didn't mean to get on this rant today. I love the Hollywood episodes of "I Love Lucy" because they feed my interest in old Hollywood. So does "Singin' in the Rain."

So why am I talking about this? Because the Academy Awards are tonight. I don't watch them because I'm interested in the movies they promote. In fact, I think I've only seen one of the movies that is nominated for anything tonight ("Up"). I watch them because they remind me of old Hollywood. They're glamorous and reminiscent of old movies. I mean, the first Oscars were given out in 1929. How much more old Hollywood can you get than that?

I watched "Gentleman's Agreement" Friday night. It was pretty good- a little long and draggy at times, but it has a good message. And it has Gregory Peck! He is so handsome. And his voice? I could listen to him read a phone book. And it has the adorable little boy from "Anchors Aweigh" as Peck's son.

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