Sunday, February 28, 2010

Homework and Etsy...

College. Good grief. There is this time that happens every semester, about halfway through, when a hundred things come crashing down at once. I have so many tests/projects/presentations due this week. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed, to say the least. And sewing? I've taken to taking the cover off my dear Brother (I should name my sewing machine) and just looking at it, making sure I remember where everything is. It's now been nearly two months since I've sewn anything, and it is driving me crazy. That is why I am looking foward to spring break so much- only two more weeks! I'm going to sew like a lunatic that week. I'm going to sew until I get sick of it. =) I've got plans for a yellow and white seersucker skirt with white eyelet around the bottom, a shirt out of some yellow/white fabric, and a few clutches or wallets.

So, I have come to the conclusion that having homework to do on the computer is not a good thing. Because everytime my computer is on, whether I'm typing a paper in Word or researching a nutritous children's snack on Google, my finger magically manage to type in Because I love that website. I can spend hours there (and that is not a good thing). I get a dozen new ideas for things I want to make and find a dozen (or two) things I want to buy every time I get on there. I've never made a purchase from Etsy before, but yesterday I finally took the first step and said, "My name is Kristin, and I'm addicted to Etsy." No, not really. In fact, the first step was creating an account. So now I can actually buy stuff or even set up my own shop eventually (which I don't really see happening). I'm planning on ordering some sew-in fabric labels this coming week. But some of my favorite stuff on Etsy is jewelry. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, usually only necklaces. But they have some incredibly creative, quirky stuff on there that I love. And it's usually not even too expensive. I'm always finding stuff that I love, but when I go back to look for it, I can't find it. Which is another cool thing about making an account...I can add sellers or items to my favorites. I love this bracelet (I love the Eiffel tower):
This awesome necklace is a locket type thing with a clock inside of it! Sort of like an old-fashioned, feminine pocket watch. I don't wear a watch, but I would wear this! =)

And I love this necklace with a birdcage and bird:

Until next time,


  1. Thank for the Emma actresses name! I saw it on YouTube and i FELL IN LOVE! <3 I love it soooo much! I HAVE to get it on DVD :)
    An Affair to Remember is a really good movie too :)

  2. I'm getting ready to set up an etsy shop. I'm the same way. I could seriously go broke on that website. :)

  3. So adorable! And I absolutely love the Eiffel tower too, I have a lot of things with in on there, from an actual figurine, to a clipboard, to a's crazy! But I love that watch necklace thing!


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