Monday, February 8, 2010


I loved it.
Warning: The following may contain "Emma" spoilers...

This is now my favorite "Emma" adaptation, no question. I like it much more than the Gwyenth Paltrow version. The ending last night was lovely. Seriously, I was crying during the last 20 minutes. Everything was perfect.

I do admit that at first, Emma was a little too giggly...slightly overwhelming. But she had changed by the end, and this actress looks exactly like I pictured Emma to look from the first time I read the book. And I loved her hair. I'm usually not impressed with Regency hair styles (all those curls plastered right around the face...eesh), but I loved the way they did her hair. It was always graceful and elegant. Okay, enough about Emma's hair. Mr. Woodhouse was great. I just wanted to give him a hug.

And Mr. Knightley. I wasn't too sure about him at first, but he grew on me. Now, I'm rather smitten. =) Still not too sure about that hat, though.

Did I mention that I loved the end? And that they didn't leave it with the proposal or wedding, like so many movies do (or the dreaded double wedding). It did an amazing job at showing how much Emma loved her father, and how Mr. Knightley respected that. And where he took her for their honeymoon? Sweet, romantic, perfect. The DVD is released tomorrow, and I will be ordering it, since I don't think any stores around here will have it (plus, it's not too expensive on Amazon).
I want to say more, but I want to watch it again, straight through, and then post my thoughts. Besides, school is two hours late today, and I'm supposed to be studying for a test right now...
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  1. I wanted to watch this but the TV was always taken when it came on :( Do you kno what the actresses name was???

  2. ohh I just love love LOVE this movie!! :)

    with love,


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