Friday, December 4, 2009

TV and rock'n'roll...

I can breathe a major sigh of relief now that yesterday is over. I had to give my presentation in Child Psychology, something that I have been dreading in the back of my mind since the first day of the semester and saw it on the syllabus. And now it's over! I don't think I did so terribly bad, since my biggest fear is being up in front of people. I had a Powerpoint and notes, and I actually did some speaking to the class instead of just reading from my stuff. My presentation was about "The Effects of Television Viewing on Children." Anyway, I am so glad that it's over! The next week should be a breeze, and it's the last week of the semester. Then I only have to go back one more day for an exam.

I was kept busy yesterday morning by the two little kids who have my heart. We kept Maya and Jackson, and it was so nice to be busy with them instead of having time to sit around and get myself stressed out. They are the sweetest, funniest, smartest kids I have ever met (and no, I'm not biased, even though they're my cousin's kids and we kept them regularly from the time they were each 3 months old until about a year ago). Jackson is so smart and all boy, wide open all the time. Maya has an amazing vocabulary for just over two years old and is so sweet.

Believe it or not, those mouse ears are from my Halloween costume when I was one or two. Yeah, I was Minnie.

And when you break out the camera, they turn into two complete hams. =) Could you tell? And I'm already encouraging in them a love of Elvis, of course. I put on my Elvis Christmas CD and they danced around the room. Maya was fascinated with my little glittery Elvis ornament on the tree. And Jackson found this plastic hollow guitar I have in my room with a picture of Elvis on the front (it once had some nasty popcorn in it), and he proceeded to play some serious music on it. He said, "Let's rock and roll!", which prompted Maya to say, "Wock and woll!" Then when I got to school, I called Mom to let her know I was there, like I always do, and she let Maya and Jackson talk to me on the phone. Jackson said, "What's your teacher's name?" I told him. He said, "Well, can I talk to him on the phone?" I suppose he was going to try to persuade Mr. D to give me an A on my presentation.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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  1. I know all about adorbale, precious, sweet, little children. They are so sweet. I wish everything could be that simple for us still. To think I ever wanted to grow up! :)


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