Monday, December 21, 2009

Repairs and damask...

So today I finished all of my Christmas sewing, which is a huge relief. This is the most sewing I've ever done in such a short time, I think.

Part of my brother's girlfriend's gift.

A wallet/pouch thing. It's made like my mini-wallets, only longer. This is the first time I made one like this, and I really like the size of it.

The fabric is really pretty. It's a damask print, but it's not black and white like the picture seems to show. It's dark brown and a light pink. I see a lot of damask clutches/wallets on Etsy, and I really like them. They seem so elegant. The inside is dark brown fake suede. The fabrics were leftover from my vintage style purse.

I decided to do some Etsy-style photos. =)

Next was a cell phone/iPod cozy. It's very simple.

I made it to fit the measurements of her phone, but her iPod will fit, too (a little more loosely). It's way too big for my iPod, but I have one of the shorter, older Nanos.

I couldn't resist one more picture of the puppy. I recycled a ribbon from my newest pajama set to tie around her neck. It was adorable I had to take one last picture before I wrapped it!

Okay, so this is a coat of my brother's that he loves. He was wearing the night of his car accident the other week. Since his shoulder was hurting, the rescue crew cut it off of him. It had a slash from the zipper at the very top all the way down one sleeve. It was a really expensive hoodie, and the next day, he brought it up to my room and asked if I could fix it. I honestly didn't think I could, but I wanted to try. Here's what it looked like.

The edges were all jagged. I started by using a overcasting stitch over all the rough edges. Then I pinned the sleeve together and attempted to sew it back together. Here's what it looked like all together again:

I'm pretty happy with it. I tried my best to match up the squares, and from a distance, you can't even see the seam. If you look closely, though, you can see it come from the zipper up to the shoulder and down the sleeve (the left side of the picture). Still, I at least made it wearable for him again. I actually like to try repairing store-bought items. I like to see how they're put together. I had to sew up a hole in the lining of a bag for a family friend, and it made me feel better to see the inside of that bag and see that it wasn't perfect. =) Anyway, I didn't tell Cody I fixed it. I wrapped up this hoodie and put it under the Christmas tree. Me and my brother don't get each other any gifts, so I figured if he sees this in its big box, it'll make him a little nervous. =)

Well, if anything can motivate me to write a post, it's sewing. I'm finished with my Christmas sewing, but I've got four more projects I want to do before I have to go back to school. A scarf, a skirt, a cute bag, and a few of those little owls. And maybe an iPod cozy of my own. =)

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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  1. WOW, you're crazy creative. But you've gotta have talent to back up that creativity. You've got it in spades. You're blessed!


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