Sunday, November 22, 2009

A post coming...

I had really meant to blog before now! There's been so much going on, and I've been working on homework (and trolling Etsy) most of the weekend, including a bulletin board for the child care center and my child PSY presentation. So, in other words, I've been playing with scissors, construction paper, and markers, and looking up information about children's TV shows. How ironic that I'm in the real, grown-up world of college now. =)

I'm planning a real post this afternoon, with pictures of my vintage aluminum tree that I decorated Friday morning in a fit of Christmas spirit. But for now, I leave you with this...

I am in love! How adorable!! I've always had a strange fascination with owls, real ones, that is. They're so beautiful and elegant, but they are real predators (trust me, we've had them take out several laying's not pretty). Here lately, I have fallen in love with many crafted owls, and I found these yesterday. I drew them out, because they're expensive, but I would love to make a few. I've been discovering the amazing things you can make from felt. And it doesn't fray! I should make everything out of felt.

If I don't leave now, this will turn into a full-fledged post, and I want to work on my novel a little before church.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)


  1. Those are too cute! You seem very crafty. :) I love them. If I tried to make those... the outcome probably wouldn't look like an owl. :)

    I am now following you, I would love if you came by my blog and follwed me.

    Many blessings,

  2. Those are the single most beautiful things I've ever seen. I mean really. I have this thing about owls too, they're precious.

  3. Aww, thank you. Yeah my family is pretty crazy but who am I to speak. LOL I'm probably worse then them.
    I was curious if you have any advice for when I Christmasize my blog next week when I get home. Yours is beautiful!


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