Monday, November 30, 2009

NaNoWriMo Victory!!!

Believe it or not, my main character's name is not Henry. Her name is Charlotte, but as the novel is in written in first person, her name does not appear as much as his. Kellyn is the villian. I am glad the word "hair" is prominent, as my story is a Rapunzel retelling.
I cannot believe it, but I am a 2009 NaNoWriMo winner! I even managed a whopping 7 words over the 50,000. Let me tell you, those last nearly 2,000 words were definitely the hardest! It's so much harder to write when your story is finished and you're only adding extra words that you know you'll probably cut out later.

I was so desperate that I almost resorted to adding some sort of "About the Author" segment at the end. Instead, I inserted extremely long and goofy chapter titles, and extended one scene, as well as adding an extra sentence here or there.
I am so relieved that this month is finished, though. Now I can focus on the things I've been wanting and needing to do.
Maybe a real blog post will come tomorrow! But now I am just relieved that this thing is over and I can say that I wrote a novel. =)
Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)
Above picture courtesy of Wordle.


  1. wow! Thats amazing. I am sooo happy for you. That sounds almost impossible. LOL, wow! I guess not.

  2. You WON! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't think I will be getting a free paper back book bause I wasn't able to verify correctly. I think I did something wrong :( But that's it Ok!
    Again, congrats on winning!

  3. Wooohooo!! You did it!! I only had about 200 words to go back in and add after the story was finished - they really were some of the hardest! I felt so silly staring at the screen for a place to stick 200 tiny words... :P

  4. This was my...fifth year doing Nanowrimo. And I certainly do intend to get that free copy! The story I wrote stinks and is a very good picture of my mind lately (boring, disorganized & egotistical - eep!) but it's freeeeeee! :D Besides, I have a sketch for the cover. What about you?

  5. WHAT you wrote a book? How come I never knew about this?!?! WHERE CAN I READ IT?


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