Friday, November 6, 2009

Elvis and internships...

Hopefully I'll have my Christmas playlist up very soon! I'm really excited. =)

This is going to be tough weekend. I haven't accomplished anything this morning, because we're keeping my cousin's little girl, Maya, who is so irresistible that I can't possibly get anything else done. We shared an Elvis moment. I have a clock that plays a little of an Elvis song each hour. She always hears the clock, and says, "I hurr Elvis!" ("I hear Elvis!"). She got so excited about hearing it this morning, that I decided to put in my Elvis Christmas CD for her to listen to. She loved it! While she was eating her snack, she would bounce up and down to the fast songs ("Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me" was her favorite) and sway to the slower ones ("I'll Be Home for Christmas"). It was adorable. She is seriously the sweetest and funniest little girl ever.

Anyway, I've got my internship this afternoon (maybe my last one, because I think I've finished my 60 hours), then we're going to some friends' house for supper and maybe a movie. Then tomorrow we'll be in the mountains all day for our yearly trip, which I'm so excited about, even if all the leaves are dead. And this is what I need to do this weekend: write many, many words in my novel (as in several thousand), fill out a study guide and do some real studying for a test on Monday, and write a 4 page thesis research paper. Good grief.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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