Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spools of thread and wild cats...

I just helped a malnourished wild cat.

Well, maybe not, but maybe so. When we got home from church, a black cat ran across the yard. It just sat on the edge of the woods, watching us. Mom came on inside while I got down and started talking to the poor thing. Using my amazing kitty-cat voice, I lured it out of the woods. It wasn't exactly a wild cat, since it was rubbing its head against stuff like Jack does when I talk to him. Then it came up and started rubbing against me, all pitiful and loving. It was so sweet, but the whole time I'm imagining it jumping up, biting me, and giving me rabies or something (with the day I had today, that would have been completely unsurprising). Of course, Mom had to give me some food so we could feed it. After it had finished eating, a jet went overhead and it ran back into the woods. Poor kitty.

Kitty-aid incident aside, today was one of those days where you want to climb back in bed and start all over. I was 10 minutes late this morning leaving for school. When I got not even a mile down the road, I realized that the check engine light was on in my car. So I turn turn around and come back, freaking out because if I come to every class on time (among other things) in College Success Skills, then I don't have to take the final exam, and I didn't want to take that exam. I had to drive Mom's car to school, which is so different from my tiny car that I felt like I was driving a bus. I got to school just before 8:00 and then remember that class starts 10 minutes late today because the teacher had to drop his grandkids off at school. Okay, so I just got all stressed out for nothing. After my two classes, I'm getting ready to go have lunch with my grandparents and spend a few hours at their house. Mom calls me and says that they can't even crank my car because I have the major key and because I locked it with my special door locker key, the spare keys won't crank it. They just make the alarm system go off. So I had to go home instead of to my grandparents'. Home for two hours, then back for my internship. I stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way home to get some felt for the poodle on my poodle skirt, and I spent 30 minutes waiting at the counter for someone to come cut my fabric. I could have cut it and wrote it down and nobody would have known. There are always several people working in the sewing area and many more walking around the store. I rang the service bell two or three times, went around looking for someone, and finally went to another department and asked if they could get me some help. Nothing. I stood at the cutting table looking like a dork. Then this other lady shopping comes up and rings the bell, saying, "Someone will come." Just like magic, here comes someone around the corner. So where was the magic bell-ringer 25 minutes ago? I got home and tried to work on my poodle skirt some. I knocked my spool-holder thing off the table, and all of my thread spools and bobbins scattered on the floor. I have three shades of brown thread that are almost exactly the same, and I'll never figure out which bobbin goes with which spool. On the way back to school, I glanced down at my arm to see a huge grandaddy longlegs spider sitting there. I tried not to crash my mom's car as I knocked it into the floorboard. Do you know how hard it is to drive (drive in a focused, safe manner) for almost an half hour knowing that there's a spider that could be crawling on your feet or up your leg at any moment?

So that was my day. In all fairness, it wasn't all bad, and all of that was just trivial stuff, anyway. I helped a kitty cat. My car probably doesn't have anything wrong except a random alarm system and low oil. I had a wonderful time at my internship, playing with some of the sweetest, funniest kids ever. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

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