Sunday, October 18, 2009

Papers and records...

I've spent all (well, about 90%) of my weekend doing homework. I keep telling myself, "This is what you get for procrastinating!" I did get to sew Friday, around my internship, because I had two orders to fill. I haven't even been able to start on my poodle skirt yet. Yesterday I did homework all day until the Fall Festival at church in the afternoon. I went up there and helped for a few hours (blowing up balloons on a terribly windy day is not an easy task), then came back to do more homework. Good grief, as Charlie Brown would say. At least my pumpkin candle and swing music (Mom found me this amazing swing record set-six records and over 70 songs with all sorts of big band music!) on the record player make things a little more bearable. Today I finished my English paper, but still have more to do. It was a summary and analysis of an article. And the article was about the Jane Austen craze that was everywhere a few years ago and is still lingering today. So it got me wishing for something Austenish.

I would give anything for a few hours with "Persuasion" or the BBC "Pride and Prejudice" (but when I'll be able to fit in a 6 hour movie again is beyond me), or even my biography book of Austen that I'm reading (I've given up on LOTR for now). That, along with a bowl of Snicker's ice cream, is about the most lovely thing I can imagine right now.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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