Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gilmore Girls and life quotes...

The other day in Harris Teeter, I saw a lady who looked exactly like Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren that her name?). Seriously. I had to do a double take, but I don't think that actress has a little boy like this lady did. But it made me have a strong urge to rush home and watch "Gilmore Girls." I own most of the series on DVD and have watched it through at least once (except the last season). In some ways I absolutely love it, but I'm uncomfortable with all of the language and support for things I don't believe in that are in the show. So I'm torn about watching it.

Life is funny. Really, I've been immensely enjoying life here lately. I'm stressed out about school work and things like that, but things have happened that just make me want to laugh. The other night we were moving chickens and sheep at dark (don't ask...we have to move the fences and we can't do it until the chickens mosey their way up into the house to roost. Have you ever moved fences at dark with sheep trying to escape and chickens trying to balance on their roosts as the tractor pulls their house? Didn't think so). I was trying to get to the Workhorse to drive it so Mom and Dad would have some light. I was stumbling over bumpy ground in big rubber boots, and then woosh, it was like slow motion. My foot got tangled in the fence that was laying on the ground. It was a beautiful wipe-out. I think I landed on my back but somehow ended up with a sore shoulder and mud all over my knees (I know...I'm just good like that). Anyway, I just sat there on the ground tangled in fence and laughed. That's just one small has been funny lately. Everything from reality TV people to popularity to the importance of football and horseshoes to guys my age to little kids has been hilarious and really made me think.

At the child care center the other day, we had one of the older boys in our class. His grandma works there in our class, and he came in to see her. She said, "You've got your shirt on backwards! The tag is supposed to go in the back." He looked down and said, "But I like it to be this way." I was like, wow, the things you can learn from a 4-year-old. The older we get, we get so paranoid about how we look and obsessed with fitting in and worrying what others think of us. But when you're four, you'll wear your shirt backwards because you like it that way. Jesus did say we could learn a lot from children.

I am loving the new Relient K CD. It's slightly unusual, which is the norm for that band, but I mean it's different from all their other music. In a good way. I'm still learning all the songs and deciding on favorites. I don't have a least favorite. I do love "Sahara," which is more rock-ish than any of the other songs, and has a few lines sung by singers from other rock bands (Underoath, for one), and that's my favorite part of the song.

Me and Mom had a miracle the other day. I had pretty much given up on the thought of a train case unless I ordered one online for Christmas. Then the other day, we were on a routine stop at a thrift store. Mom got distracted by the records (which is what I usually do), but since there didn't seem to be anything new, I went on down to the luggage. And sitting there, on top of piles of suitcases, what do you think I saw? A blue Samsonite train case. In good shape, with no tray, but a beautiful mirror inside. The silver pieces on the handle and closures aren't rusty at all, and the inside is clean. The top of the outside had what looked like dust all over it, but when my grandma tried to clean it, it wouldn't come off. It might be the paint fading, but as I'm not too crazy about the color anyway, I could paint it. Just when I was getting ready to give up, we found one. For $2 at my *least* favorite thrift store. I was so happy. I had hoped to have a picture to share with this post, but the sun has set and my picture-taking spot is dark right now. Not to mention occupied by a large orange-and-white cat.

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Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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