Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wardrobes and 3D...

The other week, me and Mom (Mom and I? I have enough proper grammar in English class) got to stop by the antique store again. I absolutely love that place. I could almost live there. The adorable little leather purse that I loved in the Cottage Room was gone, but they had a soft, light blue bed jacket just like the one Aunt Bee longs for in that episode. I also discovered a wardrobe. Not just any wardrobe, but a real Narnia wardrobe. It was tall that it looked like it could hardly fit into a normal bedroom. And it was wide, but not very deep at all. I just couldn't get over the size of it. If Narnia was ever in any wardrobe, it would be that one. I tried to open it, but it was locked. If it had been unlocked, I *might* would have tried to climb in. Maybe it was a good thing that I couldn't, because I might have been seen and banned from that lovely store.

I used to try to find Narnia in my closet, because unfortunately I don't have a wardrobe. Actually, it probably wasn't too long ago that I did that. I'm not ashamed to admit it, either. Every time I clean out my closet (which, by the looks of it, isn't very often) I have to press against the back wall. Am I even nerdier and stranger than I thought? Maybe, maybe not. I don't believe that anyone could read about Narnia and not wish to go there. I thought it was funny that days after that visit to the antique store, my September Susie magazine came, and Natalie Lloyd's article was about Narnia and heaven. She included this quote from C.S. Lewis that I love:

"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world." -C.S. Lewis

Speaking of other worlds, I've been attempting "The Fellowship of the Ring." Yeah, for well over a month now. Guess how far I am? The Prancing Pony in Bree. Pathetic.

I've been anxiously awaiting some things I ordered from Amazon...some classic movies, a book, and my next season of "The Andy Griffith Show" (then I'll only be two short! But of course, I have to watch them in order, so the last two that I have are worthless until I fill in the blanks). The book is a Jane Austen biography (I know, how do you write about her life?). Then there are old movie versions of two books that I've read over the past year and very much enjoyed, and been waiting to see a movie of. There's "Little Women," the version with June Allyson, Margaret O'Brien, Peter Lawford, and Elizabeth Taylor, and "Jane Eyre," with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles. I'm so excited about those! I suppose the package will come tomorrow, right about the time I have to leave for my daycare internship. Speaking of old movies, I got to watch "It Happened One Night" again yesterday. I love it, with Clark Gable. Such a handsome fellow, even if his ears do stick out, and he's sort of grumpy sometimes in this movie. Well, not necessarily grumpy. He's actually rather caring and looks after the girl, but he doesn't want to appear mushy so he tries to go overboard with his toughness and gruffness. The movie's really sweet and witty.

Tonight was "Survivor" again, the first time I'd watched TV (real TV, not DVD's) in months (except for an occasional Saturday morning movie on Hallmark). I saw two commercials for 3D movies, which seem to be all the rage now. I think it's funny, considering the last time they were really popular was the 50's, when 3D was a quite new and high tech fad. One was for "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2," which they're showing in 3D for two weeks only as a double feature. I might could go for that. I love Pixar anyway, and it would be cool to see it in theaters. The other was Disney's "A Christmas Carol," which might be good. I get excited to see Christmas movies coming in theaters, anyway, because that means the holidays are approaching! I've been sewing a lot of Christmas things lately, but I'm not trying to rush through the wonderful fall, my favorite season.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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