Monday, September 14, 2009

Patterns and roses...

I am such a sewing nerd. Hobby Lobby has Simplicity patterns on sale for 99 cents each this week. So of course, I got all excited, and I went and bought 9 patterns (there's a 10 limit) to add to my collection. I just love having new patterns. I love pattern envelopes and the instructions and tissue paper inside. But most of all, I love thinking about all of potential in that little envelope. A whole new project, whether it's a dress or Christmas tree skirt or poodle skirt (which is *hopefully* going to be my Halloween costume). Okay, I'm finished gushing about my strange love of patterns for now.

My mom has a rosebush that has these beautifully colored roses on it.

I was just trying to multi-task while my photos were uploading. I had an iTunes card I've been holding onto for a while, until I was absolutely sure which songs I wanted to buy with it. So I was just buying "Let's Get Together" and "The Parent Trap," both from the original "Parent Trap" movie. Annette Funicello sings them. Somehow the page seemed to freeze up, and I was clicking. Next thing I know, I've purchased a whole $9.99 CD of Annette Funicello singing Italian-themed songs. I thought it was some sort of a joke. But no, something happened, and now I've accidentally wasted $10 on a CD that I might listen to one or song off of (no...since it's been done, I'll force myself to listen to the songs). I did not click the Yes button when it says, "Are you sure you want to purchase "..."?" What a rip-off. I had big plans for those songs...Sinatra and Michael Buble and classic movie soundtracks.
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Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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  1. yikes, I'm sorry that it made you randomly purchase music. I'm wondering, did you ever listen to the songs? I feel the same way about buying patterns, imagining what kinds of fabric I'll use to how it will look on me and what kind of drape I want it to have and how it will come together...the whole process is so exciting and like an adventure. And then you get to own a unique piece of clothing that no one else owns!

    Beautiful rose pictures.


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