Saturday, August 22, 2009

Patchwork and movies...

First of all, I have pictures of this wallet I made today...I made one like it before but it was sold before I remembered to get pictures of it.

I've been getting lots of compliments on my sewing lately, which makes me feel really good about it. I'm realizing that sewing is one of those things that I truly love to do, like reading or playing the piano. It's so satisfying to make something, whether for myself or for someone else. Today was Maya's birthday party, and we gave her the blanket and little pocketbook. She loved them and had the purse slung over her arm, even while she was being pushed on her new tricycle (with her new dress-up shoes on). It was adorable. I also got several new requests to make for people, including tote bags and wallets.

Second of all, I was going to have pictures of my new patchwork bag, hence the title of the post, but I'm having technical difficulties. I'll try again tomorrow.
I got some more old movies from the library: "Woman of the Year," "The Parent Trap," "The Absent-Minded Professor," "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," and "Rebel Without a Cause." The only one I had seen before is the last one, but I do really like James Dean, and it's been so long, that I wanted to see it again. I know, I was a sadly deprived child never to have seen the original "Parent Trap" movie. I grew up loving the remake, and now I can't decide which I like better. The remake goes along suprisingly well with the original. But the original has those catchy songs...

Cheesy, I know, but I just love it. How could you not love Disney cheesiness? Same thing with "The Absent-Minded Professor," except not quite as good. I loved "Woman of the Year." I don't even particularly like Katherine Hepburn most of the time, but her and Spencer Tracy make a perfect, however unlikely, couple. I've loved all of their movies. "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" was okay. It has a good moral about the love of money. Anyway, it's always exciting to see "new" old movies. =)

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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