Saturday, August 1, 2009

New wallets...

I made these wallets over the past few days...a small one and large one. The large one turned out really well-probably the best of that style I've made so far. It's my favorite at least. =) I'd like to make a skirt out of that blue/brown polka dot fabric, but I don't know if I could find a matching shirt.

I sold four of my wallets this week. =) One large one and three small. I've also (sort of) started working on a few surprises for Mom's birthday next weekend. In fact, that's what I should be doing now, instead of blogging. I've only got a week.

Here lately I've been looking around at laptop prices. My poor Dell has practically died, but since it's been mine since 2003, I guess it's about time. I think it has a virus (or more likely, several, by the looks of it). I'd really love to have a new laptop, especially since we have high speed internet now, and I have one of those wireless router things. But the Dell Inspiron 14 I'm looking at will drain the graduation money in my bank account, even with all the special deals they're offering now. It's so lovely, especially the purple color available. The thought of having to put all my pictures and everything on a new computer is sort of scary, though. And it's even worse when I realize how much fabric or sheet music or some of the other things I love I could buy with that much money.

I've realized that I'm tired of summer. I'm ready for my favorite season...fall. I'm tired of hot, sticky weather and flip-flops and mosquitoes and everyone going on vacation except us (farmers, unfortunately, can't go on vacation until the fall/winter) and shorts (I don't wear shorts. But I'm tired of seeing shorts, especially elderly people in shorts, which is usually not only immodest but also mentally disturbing.) I'm ready for fall, for cool mornings and fresh breezes and pumpkin-scented candles and colorful, dry leaves and boots and jeans and scarves and sweaters and apples and trips to the mountains. Doesn't it sound just lovely?
Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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