Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Snaps and Harry Potter...

I'm almost through rereading "The Half-Blood Prince!" Two more chapters, woohoo. I was reading like a maniac today. I read this morning. I read on the way to the community college. I read in the DMV while waiting for my parents and brother to conduct some business there (I knew I would look silly toting in that huge book, but I did it anyway. I'm that devoted.) By the way, don't you just hate the DMV? It's cold and fluorescently bright and smells like a doctor's office. Everyone seems to speak in whispers (but not in a good way, like a library), and then that mechanical voice comes over the speakers..."Number F301, please report to station 4." Creepy. Anyway, two more chapters of HBP. I'm super excited about the movie this weekend! I just hope the theater isn't full of loud, obnoxious people like it tends to be on the weekends. We had a bad experience the first time we went to see "Prince Caspian"...we could hardly hear parts of the movie! Anyway, at least I've never had an awkward sharing experience like Natalie did, LOL. =) That really made me laugh.

We went to talk to some people about financial aid, and I think we got some more good news. Although we're really late for it this year, as far as I could tell we're eligible for a grant that will cover all my tuition and books (unless I misunderstood what they were saying). That would be really great!
Here's my little tiny wallet thing I made the other day, just practicing with my fancy new snap plier things...It's really small but adorable. They're really fun and easy to make, and I'd like to make a lot (in all sorts of fabrics- even some for kids like princess or cowboy-themed). The snap isn't very centered on this one, though, because it was just for practice.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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