Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sewing frustrations...

The fireworks were postponed (because of rain) until Monday night. We still went, and they were beautiful. It's too bad my poor camera just can't seem to take good fireworks pictures. Strangely enough, the fireworks setting is the only good for sunset pictures.

Over the past few days, I've been working on a new dress. It was very easy to begin with. In fact, it was so easy that I should have known better. Today I faced the most evil enemy in sewing...the zipper. I'm not new at zippers, because I've put in about 3 of them in different things before. I've been pulling my hair out over the past few hours working with that stupid zipper. Most of my problems came because I had to take in the dress so much. I guess I just need to start making a smaller size, because even though I go by the correct measurements, everything I make is always too big for me. So I took it in by a couple of inches in the back, where the zipper goes. I put the zipper in once, but caught part of the dress in it at the very bottom and the fabric overlapping the zipper was sticking up. I ripped out half of the it (my seam-ripper is my best friend). Then I thought I was doing so well, and when I finished re-sewing the half, I held it up and realized that the zipper was buckled up and was crooked at the bottom. So I gave up for tonight. I guess I'll work on it some more tomorrow, because I really wanted to have it ready by Sunday. Saturday I won't be able to work on it, because we have Jackson's birthday party. He turned four today, and I just can't believe it! They stopped by to pick up some milk, and he was so excited about his birthday. He showed me his two new toy helicopters and told me that he got a train book and a new pair of sunglasses. But to me, it looks like being four is tough...

Just kidding!

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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