Monday, July 27, 2009

Only Angels Have Wings

This is what I ended up with today, plus one of the small dog/cat wallets. The color of the zipper is a little off, but it's the closest they had in the store, and you can't really tell.

Last night I got in my Cary Grant movie. =) I watched "Only Angels Have Wings." It was very good...very sad in parts, but a lovely ending. I love Cary Grant and Jean Arthur separately anyway, but they also make a good couple. It was made in 1939, so I love to see the clothes that Jean Arthur wears (although I think it was only two outfits during the whole movie). It was odd to see Cary Grant as a rough, seemingly harsh flier instead a charming guy in a tuxedo. But some things never change...his hair was still perfect, LOL. And how about that hat? No hat hair at all.

I loved the part with Jean Arthur "playing" the piano. "Peaaaanuuutttt!"

Hopefully I'll have time for another old movie tonight...I've got another Cary Grant one and a Jimmy Stewart one in boxed sets that I haven't seen yet. But I sort of feel like seeing an old, familiar movie. It's always nice to watch a favorite know, one that you can quote from and laugh and cry (even though you know how it ends) and even know what kind of facial expressions the actors/actresses will use.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)


  1. Jon Foreman's voice breaks my heart it's so pretty. I love it when somebody can rock out but still sing a ballad so well. He really does that. Do you have the Fiction Family CD? I still don't have it, which is dumb. I was a big Nickel Creek fan. Matt Theissen (sorry if I spelled his name wrong) is also wonderful. 'For the Times When I Feel Faint' is one of my favorite songs.(Love the music playing on your blog? Is this Schuyler Fisk?! She's fantastic!)

  2. I know...his voice is so real. It's like he's really singing his heart out. No, I don't have the Fiction Family CD. I had heard about it before, but forgot about it until you mentioned. I looked it up and listened to some of the songs, and it sounds like something I definitely need to get, LOL. I'd never heard of Nickel Creek except on your blog. Have you heard anything from Jon Foreman's solo CDs? It's so amazing! It's sort of earthy/acoustic (that doesn't seem like a good way to put it, LOL). It's some of the most beautiful, genuine music I've heard. Have you heard Relient K's song "Deathbed"? Jon Foreman sings the voice of Jesus at the end, and it gives me goosebumps. Thanks, the song "Waking Life" is Schuyler Fisk...I don't know much about her; I just know that song from the "Penelope" soundtrack.


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