Thursday, July 23, 2009

More wallets...

I must subconciously believe that when I start school in a month, I'll never have time to sew ever again. Because I've spent most of the past three days sewing...a lot. Today I made some more small wallet/coin purse things. I also made a really awesome big wallet! I had seen one that I really loved on Etsy and wanted to make some like it (because it was so much nicer than the one I "designed"). So I searched all over the Internet and finally found a tutorial for one. It's really nice! There are a few changes I need to make next time, but I was really impressed. I gave it to Mom. It's sad, but she always seems to end up with my "practice" items. I need to make something especially for her.

This is my first experience with an turned out pretty well, even though I should have used a smaller zigzag stitch and stitched on the right side, too. It's a little sloppy but I think overall it's pretty cute.

My pitiful wallet from yesterday...It's a sad attempt compared to my new one! It holds cash and credit cards.

My new wallet! I'm so proud of it, even though it isn't perfect. It has 6 credit card slots, two big slots for cash or a checkbook, and a zipper part for coins (the hardest part, but the coolest part). I'm so happy with this design, and I'm hoping to make a few tomorrow. I've already got a cousin who wants one of these and maybe a small wallet to give as a gift. =) The colors on this one aren't so wonderful, but I found a random zipper in my box, and this was the only fabric that matched the zipper.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)


  1. Hi, I love this wallet, just wondering if you have a tutorial for it please.

    1. The wallet was based on this pattern: .


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