Sunday, July 26, 2009

Encouragement and old movies...

Well, so far I've sold three of my "creations." =) I sold two small wallets and one large one (which, I just realized, I forgot to take a picture of...and it's too late now). That was pretty encouraging for me. I really love sewing, so it's nice that I can make a little money from it. But the best part is that other people like what I've made. This week I have a lot of plans, including three or four large wallets, two or three small ones, a few tote bags, a pocketbook, and a few other things. I doubt that I'll get them all done, because I've learned that whenever I make sewing goals, something goes terribly wrong to get me off track. Such as having to take a wallet halfway apart and making miscalculations (both of which happened Friday plans of three or four wallets resulted in one).

Lately I find myself taking in every little thing...random moments of happiness, like a thunderstorm or sunset or our fuzzy, yellow baby chicks or the sound of my sewing machine. I've been reading and sewing a lot, too. It's almost like I'm trying to get all of these good moments in before I start school next month. I seriously think that I have it in my head that life will be miserable when I start community college. It's like I believe that I'll never have time to do the things I love anymore, like read a book, sew, play the piano, or watch an old movie. I know that's silly, but somehow it's how I feel. But I know it won't be like that. Or I seriously hope not, anyway. God says that He has good plans for my future, and I have to believe that. I want to be hopeful about my future. I'm not exactly dreading school, even though I am pretty nervous. I guess I'm just not looking foward to the changes it'll bring. Anyway, I think I'll go eat and maybe watch an episode of "I Love Lucy" or an old movie. It's been quite a while since I watched a classic movie. Maybe I'll watch something with Cary Grant...After all, I don't want to leave on a depressing note. =) Who could be depressed with a crazy Lucy show or Cary Grant movie in the evening? Then maybe I'll read some. I'm reading a really strange book by Ted Dekker, called "Black." So far it's better than I expected, though.

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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