Monday, June 8, 2009

Some pictures (okay, lots of pictures...)

It's been quite a while since I pulled out my camera and took some photos. I mean, pictures that I like to take. I have been taking lots at events and things lately, but I don't enjoy that as much. But yesterday I had some free time, so guess what I did?

Don't you love the way that sunlight dances in water? We took the cover off of our pool last week and got it going, so hopefully in another week or so we'll be swimming. I'm really looking foward to it (although mostly I just float on my back and watch the sky, LOL).

Jack had to watch me through the big window when I was taking pictures of the flowers in the front yard. He's very nosy, and ever since he had to become an inside cat, he loves to watch out windows. For example:

And I finally got some pictures of the clothes that I've made! I took them to post on Craftster, but I thought I should post some here, too.

First of all, my dress. I used Simplicity pattern 2644, leaving off the sleeves and fancy midriff overlays. It's made from a linen blend (I think about 55% linen and 45% rayon) and is more of a turquoise color instead of how it looks in the picture. Anyway, even though the bodice is a little big, I really love it. =) Especially the sweetheart neckline.

Next, my 1920's style "vintage" bag. It came from a pattern in "Making Vintage Bags", the Virginia pattern. (By the way, that book is amazing! It has 5 bags from each decade from the 20's to the 50's. They're adorable!) It's a little larger than the book said to make it (though still not quite as big as I would like) and made from fake suede in a dark brown. It has a matching tassel and grosgrain ribbon rose. It looks much prettier when it's not stuffed full, like in the picture. I love the little flap!
And finally, my new shirt. It's made from Simplicity pattern 3847, which is actually a costume pattern for a 1950's shirt and poodle skirt. It's made from pink and brown gingham fabric.

I had to add a piece of brown around the bottom, because it was shorter than I liked and I had forgotten to add a few inches to the pattern. But I think it actually looks kind of cute.

My grandma let me use her big tin full of buttons, and I was so glad when I found a bunch of these cute little pink buttons so I didn't have to buy any. They were perfect!

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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