Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tomorrow I go to take my placement test at the community college. I'm trying not to be nervous, and I've been praying like crazy that God will give me peace. I keep thinking of this little music box type thing I used to have...it played "Amazing Grace" but had this phrase written on the front: "Do your best and leave the rest to God." Kind of silly, maybe, or maybe it just seems silly because it rhymes, but that's what I've got to do. I spent most of the day yesterday printing off pages of sample math questions and answering them. I also spent a lot of time flipping through my brother's Algebra 1 book (which I might be doing again later), because it's been two years since I took any algebra and a year since I took any type of math at all! Those terrible formulas and definitions have deserted me, so I've been cramming. Finally, last night, when my brain started to hurt, I decided that I'd done all I could do. I just hope everything works out alright, and that God will bring to my memory some things that I've forgotten. I was never any good at math anyway.

Yesterday I got my official diploma in the mail. Since I've been finished with school since about March (except for my research paper), and had my homeschool graduation ceremony a month ago, it seemed a little weird and ironic that my diploma should come now. But it was in a nice little holder thing and it was kind of exciting (despite the fact that it made it seem like I got my diploma in Illinois, because that's where my program was based out of).

I finished reading "The Horse and His Boy" today. I used to consider it my least favorite of the Narnia books, but it is a really good story. I guess I don't have a "least favorite" Narnia story anymore. So I'll be starting "The Magician's Nephew" soon (I am a believer in the original order of the books). It always makes me a little sad to know that I'm nearing the end of my favorite series once again. Only two books to go. But it's also a little exciting, because I have a whole list of books to read this summer. =)

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