Saturday, June 27, 2009

Antique mall! <3

Wow. Today I discovered a new favorite store. Or let me say, it ties with Hobby Lobby (my sewing supply) and Target as my favorite store. It's an antique mall that's downtown. I've been wanting to go in there for a while, but when I read an article in the paper recently talking about the stacks of records in the basement, I really wanted to go. So me and Mom stopped by today after we left the Farmer's Market. Well, we didn't exactly just stop by. =) What was going to be a quick visit turned into a shopping adventure (or maybe just a looking adventure, because we didn't buy much). There are three floors- a normal level, a second story, and a basement, completely full of old things. It was amazing. Everything from furniture to dishes to books to records to toys to jewelry- everything! Me and Mom could hardly believe it, LOL. There were so many beautiful (and I should add, high-priced) things. Probably my favorite was the wooden baby grand piano, which I would gladly buy if I had the $1,997 it cost (or something very close to that figure). Then there was a set of dishes that were yellow, and a yellow table and chair set. That pretty much made me decide that when I have a house of my own, I must have a yellow-themed kitchen. So anyway, me and Mom loved it and looked through pretty much the whole store. There was a beautiful room called the Cottage Room. It was so light and feminine. There were flowery things, old gloves and hankerchiefs, a sewing machine, vintage bags, a vanity, and beautiful vintage hats. That was our favorite room. There was a lovely vintage hat made from green velvet, sort of rounded, with a brownish/orangish ribbon around it and a little pin on the button. It wasn't that expensive, but I really couldn't get anything else, so I hope it'll still be there next time I go. I ended up buying three records (Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, and the Broadway version of "My Fair Lady" with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison) and an adorable vintage clutch/bag.

I just love the little metal handle and clasp. I thought it was black, but in the sunlight it turned out to be navy, which is fine (it was kind of dark in the store). The lining is leather.

Then Mom got me a Gershwin record for Christmas, along with this other navy vintage bag. The outside of it is kind of unique, a woven kind of material. My favorite part is the lining (red, white, and blue with two little pockets). =)

I'm going to have to stitch a little bit on the handles where the stitches have come loose, but other than that, both bags are in really good shape. Seeing such cute little bags has made me want to make some more vintage-style purses. =)

Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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