Sunday, May 17, 2009


I hate that it's been a while since I wrote here, but everything has been really busy lately. My graduation with the homeschool group was Friday night. So now I'm officially finished with high school. How does it feel? Not too different yet. I mean, I have this huge weight on me about decisions for my future, but that's been there for months and months now. I really didn't care about having a graduation. In fact, I didn't want to do it, and I only agreed because it was so important to my mom. But now that it's over, I'm so glad that I did it. The whole evening, service and reception, was so nice. I was so nervous about getting up in front of so many people, but that was the only bad part. It was fun and pretty enjoyable. A homeschool graduation with 6 graduates is so much more personal than a normal high school graduation. It was also emotional. During the slideshow, there was a picture of me and Granny and Grandpa, and that got me teary-eyed. It's moments like that when I realize how much I miss them. And then they read some things that my parents had written about me and to me, and that made me teary-eyed, too. Anyway, I had a lovely graduation. And yesterday I also got some of my grades in the mail. It turns out that I made a 97 on my senior research paper! :) I couldn't believe it. I'm so happy, because I was a little worried about it. I mean, I like to write, but I don't think I'm very good at it, especially a research paper. But I was very pleased with my grade. I did my paper, about the attack on Pearl Harbor, for Grandpa, because he was a Navy veteran and a Pearl Harbor survivor.
Well, I really wish I had time to write more, but my cat Jack is hungry and begging for his food. :) I've been up later than usual, and I'm ready for some sleep (but I'm glad J.T. won "Survivor"!).
Until next time,
Kristin (missvintagegirl)

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